Board of Directors


The Board of Directors plays a critical role in ensuring the mission is being forwarded in an ethical and financially sustainable way.  Strategic planning, annual mission review, and hands-on fundraising are also important roles carried out by the Board.


Although the DreamCatcher Board of Directors functions similar to most nonprofit boards, it is different in two distinct ways:


1. In its review of the mission, the board is guided by the DreamCatcher Constitution. The Constitution is set up to provide the parameters for consistent and accurate decisions, free of personal agendas. The Constitution is the "True North" compass for the organization.


2. All newly elected Directors must sign an arbitration agreement in order to avoid disastrous decisions relative to animal disposition as well as variance from the mission and constitution.  Arbitration is carried out by members from sanctuary oversight organizations such as the American Sanctuary Association and/or the Global federation of Animal Sanctuaries.

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