Our mission is simple: create a natural and stimulating environment that allows mustangs to rediscover their freedom and independence and to let the public know what would be lost if roundups and adoptions continue.



DreamCatcher takes in previously rounded up and/or adopted wild horses and returns them to a life similar to what they experienced in the wild.


Our herd is made up of horses from Pryor Mountains, Twin Peaks in California, Calico Complex in Nevada, Seven Troughs in Nevada, Sheldon in Oregon, McCullough Peaks and Red Desert. We also have two intact family bands from Nevada.


Mustangs arrive here, they are encouraged to return to their natural wild state within a herd environment. Like other wildlife facilities, our program for rehabilitation is extensive and time consuming.  It can take more than a year to rehabilitate a captive mustang. They must learn to find water, chose the appropriate grasses to eat, maneuver on varied terrain, understand herd dynamics for survival and the dangers of predators.

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