DreamCatcher is 2000 acres junipers, sage, high desert grasslands, watering holes and steep rocky hillsides with no neighbors for miles and miles. It is the perfect place for once wild horses to recapture their independence.


Located in northeastern California where wild and open places still exist, the sanctuary is a natural environment that teems with plants and wildlife—a paradise of open wildness for the mustangs to enjoy and thrive in.


Adjacent to the wild areas are irrigated hay fields, pastures, a large barn, the office and director’s residence, and an intern/guest house. To preserve the sense of wildness and sustainability, all power for the sanctuary is provided by wind and solar technology with a back-up propane generator.

Office: 831-601-1489

Fax: 866-455-2774

Director: 831-601-1489

Business Address: PO Box 9, Ravendale CA 96123

Shipping Address: 528-125 Mitchell Rd, Termo CA 96132